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Company philosophy: Accumulate ethics and integrity; be dedicated and honest.

Company vision: to create a domestic first-class packaging company and build a century-old "Tale"

Company mission: Create maximum value for customers and build a growth platform for employees

Company values: Honesty: accomplishment without shame; Perseverance: dedication without regret; loyalty: conscientiousness without resentment; confidence: self-improvement without fear;

Innovative R&D

The company pays attention to independent research and development, has a professional and efficient team of R&D engineers, dares to innovate and break through, has a forward-looking aesthetic vision and innovative work methods, can create fashionable, environmentally friendly, and healthy products for customers, leading the industry trend , Control the future of the industry.

Leading equipment

We have always adhered to the business philosophy of "management-oriented, quality first", introduced advanced equipment and technology, continuously increased investment in software and hardware, and quickly grasped customer needs. High-end leading processing and production equipment, experienced operation technicians, and rigorous production processes are our quality assurance.

Honesty is the foundation, win-win cooperation

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