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What is the difference between glass and plastic cosmetic containers?


Cosmetic bottles are the external image of all products. It is more than just a container. Essentially understand: "The so-called cosmetic bottle is the container of the cosmetics we usually use. The cosmetic bottle refers to a container that can isolate gas from the outside temperature or a container that isolates external bacteria. ."

Glass bottles are traditional packaging products. 80%-90% of glass packaging containers are glass jars. Metal ion

The plastic of the cosmetic container is a polymer synthetic material, which has good barrier properties, good air tightness, high transparency, good chemical stability, and hygiene and safety. The disadvantage is that plastic bottles are easy to oxidize, which is not conducive to long-term storage. But generally speaking, the normal use cycle of cosmetics is 3-6 months, which will not have much impact.

In addition, plastic bottles are conducive to environmental protection. All major foreign brands of cosmetics use plastic bottles, which are fully in line with the future environmental protection trend and the use of future cosmetic raw materials. Colorants are usually used to produce emerald green, dark green, light cyan and amber glass. The coloring of the bottle body can enhance the shading effect and facilitate the storage of highly active cosmetics, such as VC, white tea, polyphenols and other cosmetics with antioxidant and whitening effects.

On the other hand, it also helps to hide the fact that cosmetics are oxidized and discolored. In addition, glass bottles have good chemical stability, sanitation and cleanliness, and can provide good quality assurance conditions; good temperature resistance, high temperature sterilization resistance, and low temperature storage are unmatched by plastics. The disadvantages are heavy weight, high transportation cost, high energy consumption during processing, and serious environmental pollution.


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