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What are the five common requirements for cosmetic packaging?


Cosmetic packaging is more complicated, including primary packaging, two-layer or three-layer packaging, and outer packaging. There are many types of first-layer packaging, including bottles (such as plastic bottles, glass bottles), hoses (such as plastic hoses, composite hoses, metal hoses), bags (such as paper bags, plastic bags, composite bags), etc. Layer or third layer packaging categories include boxes (such as cartons, plastic boxes, metal boxes), labels, plastics, etc.; outer transport packaging includes cushioning and packaging.

The appearance of different levels of packaging requires versatility and inherent specificity. The common features of the appearance requirements include that the packaging and printing patterns and handwriting should be neat, clear, not easy to fall off, and the color should be uniform. The particularity of appearance requirements varies according to different types of packaging.

Bottle packaging, the bottle body should be flat, smooth and uniform, without obvious scars and deformation, no cold cracks or cracks; the mouth should be straight, without burrs (burrs), threads, bayonet, and the matching structure is complete and correct; the cap and The bottle cap fits tightly, without slippage, looseness, or leakage; the inside and outside of the bottle should be kept clean.

For bag packaging, there should be no obvious wrinkles, scratches, bubbles, and the color should be uniform; the seal should be firm, and there should be no openings, perforations or liquid leakage (paste); the composite bag should be composited firmly, the coating should be uniform, and no shedding .

Material requirements
In order to make packaging sustainable, bio-based degradable materials came into being and gradually became a hot topic in the industry. Bio-based degradable materials refer to a new type of material made by biological, chemical and physical methods using renewable materials such as crops, trees, other plants and their residues and inclusions.
Products made from bio-based degradable materials are generally green, environmentally friendly, renewable and biodegradable.


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