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What should I pay attention to when designing cosmetic bottle caps?


Cosmetic bottle caps are very common items nowadays, and there are many places that need attention in the design and production process. First of all, the biggest function of bottle caps should be to satisfy people's normal use and give full play to their own purposes. So what issues should be paid attention to when designing?

First, it should not be too sharp. If it is too sharp, it will hurt people. You should level the edge of the blade to avoid injury. When selecting materials, choose safe materials and take care not to harm users.

Secondly, airtightness must be ensured. Cosmetic bottle caps must have good airtightness to avoid air leakage. If the material is not good enough to cause the seal to fail, then things will be oxidized by the air. Affect the user's use effect, if serious, it will also bring security problems.

Third, when selecting materials, we should also choose more practical and economical ones, which do not need to be too expensive, but we must ensure the quality, which can save production costs.

The above is a brief introduction to these problems in the production of cosmetic bottle caps. In any case, design quality and practicality are very important. Otherwise it will affect the original effect and function, so we must carefully check the production to produce a good product.


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