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What are the reasons for choosing to use cosmetic vacuum bottles?


In addition to their aesthetic appeal, Cosmetic Airless Bottles are also economical and suitable for travel-sized samples. They feature a snap-on type pump and a pressing tool for closure. Airless packaging protects products from oxidation, making it a valuable option for brands and consumers. As the demand for cosmetic airless bottles increases, so does its functionality. Cosmetic Airless Bottles offer superior product protection and extend shelf life.

As an innovation in cosmetic packaging, Cosmetic Airless Bottles have improved the life of sensitive products by up to 15%. They are made from PETG, PP, and aluminum. They can be used by prestige brands and mass-market brands. Pump airless bottles are also ideal for sensitive products, such as eye creams and lotions. They can even increase shelf life by up to 15%, making them an ideal choice for many cosmetic brands.

Many luxury skin care cosmetics brands have started using these bottles because they are more environmentally friendly. Airless bottles allow you to carry your essential skincare products without worrying about leaks. Their clear plastic wall bottles let customers see the color of their products. Cosmetic airless bottles also reduce the risk of backflow, and provide a high-end luxury packaging solution. In addition to being convenient and eco-friendly, Cosmetic Airless Bottles are also available in various sizes.


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