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What are the requirements for cosmetic packaging bottles?


Today, cosmetics are used in many parts of the world. This is not only a fashion, but also a kind of respect for people. Today, many jobs require makeup, and a new look is emerging. But cosmetic packaging is also a way to attract consumers. Designers need to know what is fashionable, and people always yearn for beautiful things.

1. Design requirements for cosmetic packaging bottles:
(1) Texture requirements, so the cosmetic bottles you see are double-packed. The bottle body is complete, stable, straight, smooth, and the thickness is basically uniform. There should be no cold cracks, cracks, obvious scars, or deformation of the bottle mouth.
(2) User experience. In order to achieve this, many brand companies will customize the bottle. Such advantages are indeed unquestionable, and the impact on the brand is very good.
(3) In order to ensure the safety of the bottle, it is packed with film during transportation and then packed in a carton, so the cost to go there will be higher
(4) The design requirements of LOGO and text layout are very high, because the quality and design of the current product appearance directly affect the customer's judgment on the product
(5) The tightness of the product is particularly important. How to say it, don't explain much, if you don't do it well, you will wait for sales to drop.
(6) The bottle is closely matched with the design cover of the cosmetic packaging box, and there is no slippage, looseness and liquid leakage.

2. Cover (including outer cover, inner cover (plug, pad))
inner cover
①Complete, smooth, no deformation, no carbon deposits, clean, no dust, oil, etc.
②It fits well with the bottle and the outer cover and does not leak liquid

①Correct, flat, no damage, cracking, bursting phenomenon, uniform color, no color shift, the same as the standard sample
②The thread and other supporting structures are in good condition.
③ Anodized aluminum or bronzing should be uniform and complete, and the color should be consistent with the standard sample
④Clamshell shell can be flipped up flexibly
⑤The bottle cap and the bottle body are closely matched, and there is no slippage, loosening, leakage and other phenomena.


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