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Acrylic suit A06-50

Acrylic suit A06-50

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About Shaoxing Tyrel

Shaoxing Tyrell Packaging Co.,Ltd was established in 2011. It is located in Shangyu District, Shaoxing City, China, with beautiful scenery and convenient transportation. We are offer Acrylic suit A06-50 and other cosmetic packaging materials at home and abroad. Our factory area is 8500 square meters. The company has advanced Manufacturing technical equipment and professional technical and production management personnel have unique experience in the production of plastic parts such as cosmetic packaging materials, medical packaging materials, health care products, baby products, and handicrafts. The company has 100,000 dust-free workshops, and the product quality is fully controlled. Persist in creating fashionable, environmentally friendly and healthy Acrylic suit A06-50 for consumers.

Leading equipment

The company introduces advanced equipment and technology, continuously increases the investment in software and hardware, and quickly grasps customer needs. High-end leading processing and production equipment, experienced operation technicians, and rigorous production process are our quality assurance.

Innovative R&D

The company focuses on independent research and development, has a professional and efficient team of R&D engineers, has a forward-looking aesthetic vision and innovative working methods, and can create fashionable, environmentally friendly and healthy Acrylic suit A06-50 for consumers.

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